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Scale your business in Bulgaria.

We’ve got your back with legal, accounting and admin support.

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Low Taxes and Costs
5% Dividend tax
10% Corporate tax
20% VAT
Affordable services

E-services and e-gov
Incorporate and run
your company remotely
EU-harmonized legislation

Human talent
Brilliant IT engineers
Great pool of Marketing and support talent
English, German and Russian speakers

3 hour flight within any EU city
Startup eco-system
Nature, Mountains, Beaches

You are at the center of our 360°
Five star customer service.


We will establish and register your company in accordance with national law. Our team will draft the necessary documents for you to sign and will file them at the Commercial register of Bulgaria. Your company will be a limited liability company (LLC/Ltd) – a standard company form in the whole EU.

Every company registered in Bulgaria must declare a management address in the territory of the country. There is no need for an actual company office to be located at the address but it is important to have someone to process correspondence. We will present you with a correspondence address in Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria.

VAT registration provides a VIES number for the company. Upon establishing a company the VAT registration is optional but it quickly becomes mandatory when the business reaches a commercial turnover of €25 000 or when goods and services are sold to entities registered in countries in the EU, different than Bulgaria.

The banking services are provided by UniCredit Bulbank – our partner and member of the UniCredit group. UniCredit is the most prominent bank for corporate clients in Bulgaria. You, as a company manager, will be the only one who has access to the account. Our power of attorneys are limited in term for your security.


We keep your books and we make it easy for you to deal with invoicing and reporting. Our accountants use your preferred clouds and communication channels.

We can help you optimize your cash flow and taxes.

We’ve got your back for the corporate year filings in Bulgaria.

We’ll help you avoid dual taxation and we’ll make you comply with the Bulgarian tax law.


We can register your trademark in Bulgaria or in the whole EU. Our services include a free research of your trademark which will evaluate the potential risks in a registration procedures. We will advise you on the best way to protect your trademark and will help you protect your intellectual property.

We’ll make sure that your business in Bulgaria complies with Bulgarian and EU laws.

We’re implementing the GDPR rules in Bulgaria’s small and mid-sized businesses. So far we’ve helped ~100 clients comply with GDPR.

Our team of labor lawyers will provide you the framework for hiring, managing and letting go of Bulgarian employees.

If you don’t seek to establish a business in Bulgaria but just to legally reside in the country our team can also assist you with this. This service is more popular for citizens of countries out of the European union.

We’ve got your back with an on-call attorney and a network of lawyers covering every legal aspect of doing business in Bulgaria.


Need an apartment or a house for your stay in Bulgaria? We’ll take care of it.

Coworking or own office space? We’ll set you up!

We can provide you with a virtual office, we’ll take care of your administrative tasks in Bulgaria.

Incorporation services start at €399 flat fee + €139 monthly for accounting.

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You do your business. We cover legal, accounting and administration in Bulgaria.

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After professional consultations, explanations and advice, I was taken through the whole process online (plus a visit to a bank and notary), no need to deal with lots of paperwork or governmental agencies – it was all taken care of for me.
Timely. Professional. Simply Brilliant.

Dima Frost, MadeByFrost Ltd.

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  • Outsourcing profit or operations

If the company doesn’t have active operations – there is no need for accounting except at the end of the financial year when annual reports are drafted. If the business is running – you surely need an accountant. We can take care of all that.

Please follow these steps: Select “start now” button at the top right corner and choose how to start communication with us. Then please choose which services you want to use. We take it from there and will take care of your business needs.

Yes, you can. The procedure is a little bit more complicated, but not impossible. In this case, the company’s Director has to visit Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate.

We work with Unicredit Bulbank – member of the Unicredit group and the most prominent bank for corporate clients in Bulgaria. However, if you prefer to have your account at another bank, we can arrange it.

If you already have an address in Bulgaria, we can register the company at it. Lease agreements or property deeds are not necessary. You can use any address in Bulgaria. If you don’t have an address you can use our address as administrative address for your company. This service costs €25 per month.

Company registration doesn’t automatically grant citizenship or residence permit but it certainly helps. This is especially helpful if you are a citizen of the EU. As a company manager you can easily obtain a long-term residence permit.

You can register a limited liability company in Bulgaria regardless of your citizenship.

We do. The prices for accounting services with us depend on the scope of activity of the company, the number of employees and whether the company is registered under the VAT act. Our prices for accounting start at €99 per month. Discounts are available for prepayment.

Yes, you can get both debit and credit cards for your company. Our team can assist you with the obtaining of your debit card but you may need to visit the country in case you want to apply for a credit card.

It takes 3 business days to complete the registration process.

It is more convenient if the Director of the company is in Bulgaria during the registration. Or at least to visit for a day. The company’s Director has to be present in person in a Bulgarian Notary Office and to deposit the company’s capital in a Bulgarian Bank.

If the Director can’t come to Bulgaria, she has to visit a nearby Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate. The company’s capital can be deposited in Bulgaria by a third party person — with a Power of Attorney.

An ID or an International Passport is enough.

A company can be founded by any person who has reached the age of 18 years regardless of citizenship.

Under Bulgarian law, the starting capital of the company should be at least 2 BGN (€1). It must be deposited in a local bank prior to the registration.

The company can be managed by one or more Directors. They might be among the shareholders or third parties.

The company must have a business address in Bulgaria. However, the registration process does not require to provide any lease or ownership documents of the address.

Under Bulgarian law certain documents regarding the company registration have to be signed in front of a notary. The notary functions abroad are performed by the Bulgarian embassies and consulate offices. If none is available to you you can also use the services of your local notary in which case the document should also have an apostille and additional taxes will be charged for the translation of the documents in Bulgaria.

Company registration doesn’t automatically grant citizenship or residence permit but it certainly helps. This is especially helpful if you are a citizen of the EU. As a company manager you can easily obtain a long-term residence permit.

You can. However, there is a restriction for newly registered companies. Such companies are allowed to buy property but can’t acquire land.