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We deliver top-tier technology-first legal services.

We are the team behind “Advokatami.bg (MyLawyer)” – the leading legal tech company in Bulgaria helping more then 6000 clients with their business and personal needs. We’re also behind the largest legal non-profit project “pravatami.bg (MyRights)” – here citizens can find free and useful legal information about their rights. Pravatami.bg is proud to serve more then 250,000 monthly visitors. The project was awarded by the Present of Bulgaria for it’s huge social impact on our society.

We chose namely Bulgaria to launch and grow our own business. We’ve spent time in Silicon Valley and Western Europe just to confirm the fact that Bulgaria is a great place to scale a business. Why? Bulgaria has arguably the best tax system in the EU, great human talent at affordable cost, amazing startup ecosystem, high living standards at low costs, beautiful nature and good infrastructure – and all that within a 3-hour flight from any EU city.

Here’s what makes us unique:

We design our services to help you achieve your business goals as quickly as possible. We strive to understand your business and will provide practical solutions to save you time and money.

Never wonder “what’s going on” again. Receive status reports of completed tasks. Great project management is how we make the difference.

We work with the broadest network of lawyers in the country. We have great tax and business talent on board. We are your strategic legal and tax adviser.

We cover every sphere of legal, tax & accounting and administration matters. We’re here to help.

We’re founders just like you. We know what starting and growing businesses need. We’ve tailored our services around one thing – you.

Incorporation team

Iva Semenkova – head of Incorporation
Iva is specializing in company incorporation. She will answer all your questions about business in Bulgaria. Iva is in charge of the incorporation team and will make sure everything regarding the establishment of your company goes smoothly.

the team


Angelina Borisova – head of Accounting
Angelina knows everything about accounting in Bulgaria and has a great background in tax optimization. Her team will not only do your bookkeeping but will take care of administrative filings, tax returns, profit management, payroll and other.

Legal team

Nikola penchev – head of Legal team
Nikola is an attorney at law who specialists in all aspects of corporate law. He is also in charge of our network of lawyers. Thus, if there is anything which Nikola can’t deal with on his own, he knows exactly the right guy for the job.

Founders and Investors