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Bulgarian court system

The Bulgarian courts are organized and governed according to the provisions of the Judicial System Act. The administration of justice in Bulgaria is based on three instances.
The first instance courts in Bulgaria are regional courts and district courts. Regional courts are first instance in civil up to BGN 25,000 and criminal cases, excluded from the jurisdiction of the District court as a first instance and first instance in administrative – criminal cases. Regional courts have the lowest level in the Bulgarian.

District courts can act as first instance in civil and criminal cases, which are not under the jurisdiction of the Regional courts or as second instance courts for appeals against the decisions of the regional courts.

The courts of appeal are second instance courts and deal with appeals against decisions made by District courts within their territorial jurisdictions.

The Supreme Court of Cassation is the last instance court in Bulgaria and the supreme judicial instance for criminal and civil cases. It has jurisdiction over the entire territory of Bulgaria and is located in Sofia.

Administrative courts acts as first instance in all administrative cases, which are not the responsibility of the Supreme Administrative court and the Regional courts or as Court of cassation of the Regional courts in administrative and criminal cases.
The Specialised Criminal Court in Sofia deals with criminal offences generally committed by organised crime groups. The Specialised Criminal Court of Appeal deals with appeals made against decisions taken by the Specialised Criminal Court.

Military courts in Bulgaria examine criminal cases committed by generals, officers, non-commissioned officers and other individuals operating in the Bulgarian army during the time they were performing their duties in the army. For these types of cases, the second instance court is the Military Court of Appeal.

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