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Registration of a Branch Office in Bulgaria

If you are looking for business opportunities to start or expand your business in Bulgaria, maybe you should consider a registration of a branch office.

Bear in mind, that the branch is not a separate legal entity, which means you will have some limitations in your activity. The branch is a good option in case you:

  • Want to explore the Bulgarian market and check, if it is suitable for your company
  • Have full control over the branch
  • Promote your company in Bulgaria

The branch is registered in the Company registrar of Bulgaria. This means everyone would be able to find you on the website of the registrar and check who is the owner of the branch.

How to register the branch?

Obviously, you will need to have an active company outside of Bulgaria. The scope of activity of the company doesn’t really matter. The only requirement is for your company to have all permissions and licenses.

Your company will have to adopt a decision to register a branch in Bulgaria and choose a domestic manager. You will also need to provide official documents from the institutions of your home country. Bear in mind, that those documents would require an apostille. In case your country is not part of the Hague Convention you will need some other type of official certification of the documents.

Without the certification you won’t be able to translate and legalize the documents in Bulgaria, which means you wouldn’t be able to finish the registration procedure.

Once you have all required documents translated and legalized, they are submitted to the registrar. The procedure should be around 1 week. The state fee to the registrar is 170 BGN.

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