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Residence permit

What is residence permit and why would I need it?

The residence permit gives you the right to live and work in Bulgaria. Without it you could not stay in Bulgaria for longer periods of time and you will constantly have to apply for visa. Most likely at some point you wouldn’t be able to apply for the visa anymore and you will need the residence permit.

Does it matter how long I want to stay in Bulgaria?

Yes. Depending on how long you want to stay in Bulgaria, you could choose between:

  1. Extended residence permit – with a term of validity of up to one year.
  2. Long-term EU residence permit – for initial period of five years and option for renewal, and
  3. Permanent residence permit – for an indefinite period of time.

What do I need for the residence permit?

In first place, you will need a visa. In most cases our clients already have long-term visa. The easiest way to obtain long term visa is to incorporate  a Company Representative Office (CRO) – да стане линк към информацията за търговското представителство. Please note, that you will have to prove you have enough financial resources to live in Bulgaria and a place to live. This could be your own real estate or just a lease contract.  

How could I obtain residence permit?

Depending on your nationality the procedures may be different. For EU citizens the procedures are much simpler. However, if you are from county outside the EU, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We offer full support until you obtain your residence permit. Here are some of the ways we could support you:

  • we prepare all the necessary documents for your application
  • we give you a list of documents you will need to provide from your home country
  • we represent you before the Bulgarian institutions, when possible
  • we open a bank account for you after receiving duly certified power of attorney

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