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Change of the company’s name

Change of the company’s name is a relatively simple procedure. The company name is one of the key company characteristics. It is unique for the company together with its unique identifying code. These two parameters can be used for the identification of the company though the UIC is the primary means of identification.

The company name is recorded in the Bulgarian commercial register under the company file. The data in the register is public and access to it is free so under law it is considered authentic and true. If one wishes to change the name of a company the new name has to also be recorded in the Commercial register. This can happen through the electronic services of the Registry agency with a digital certificate (electronic signature). The company manager or an authorized third party with a power of attorney can file an electronic form for the change. Certain documents have to be attached to the form, as follows:

  • Decision protocol from the sole owner of the company or from a meeting of the shareholders where the name change has been recorded;
  • New founding act of the company (Articles of association);
  • A declaration from the company manager under art. 13 of the Bulgarian Commercial register law (Samples are presented by the registry agency)
  • Power of attorney if the form is filed by an authorized third party

The state fee for the procedure is BGN 15 (€ 7.50). The documents can also be filed on paper at a physical office of the registry agency. In that case the fee is higher – BGN 30. Recording the change in the Commercial register takes ~5 business days.

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