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Private funding opportunities

EU Funding Programmes

Initial funding can be challenging for start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses.

sources of funding:

– Venture capital and loans;sources of funding:

– Venture capital and loans;

– Public financial assistance;

– Tax credits.

– Public financial assistance;

– Tax credits.

The EU has several different funding programmes that you may be able to apply for, depending on the nature of your business or project. There are two different types: direct funding and indirect funding.

The allocation of direct funding capital is managed by the European Institutions. There are two types of funding available: grants and contracts.

Grants are given to specific projects that relate to EU policies, usually following a public announcement known as a call for proposals.

Contracts are issued by EU institutions to buy services, goods or works that they need for their operations – such as studies, training, conference organisation or IT equipment. Contracts are awarded through calls for tender.

Indirect funding is managed by national and regional authorities and comprises nearly 80% of the EU budget, mainly through 5 big funds that come under the umbrella of the European Structural and Investment Funds.

You may apply for a grant if you run a business or a related organisation (business associations, business support providers, consultants, etc.) that runs projects that further the interests of the EU, or if you contribute to the implementation of an EU programme or policy.

To access EU grants, you should apply via the relevant regional or national authorities

You can find the list of operations here:

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