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Why in

We invite you become a part of our developing hi-tech ecosystem. This is a place where ideas are valued and innovations pay off. Find local and international partners, collaborate with proactive entrepreneurs, explore the opportunities for business with fast growing economies, and more at arguably the lowest costs in EU.

Great tax benefits

Bulgaria has the lowest corporate income tax, lowest personal income tax in the EU and the lowest social security contributions in the EU. Taxpayers benefit from flat tax rates – 10% corporate profit tax, 10% personal income tax or 5 % dividend tax without any exceptions or restrictions. VAT is 20%. There is a 2-year VAT exemption for imports of equipment for investment projects over €5 million, creating at least 50 jobs  On the other hand Bulgaria has signed agreements to avoid double taxation (AADT) with 80 countries which is another benefit for business owners. This attractive to foreign investors system has been working perfectly from 2007 and it has been protected from any changes. The tax rates can be changed only if ⅔ of the parliament members are in favor.

Low labor costs

The average salary in Bulgaria is €500 and the labor cost is only 10% which makes Bulgaria a preferred outsourcing destination for major international corporations. In the year 2016 more than 60 000 talented specialists have graduated with a bachelor’s degree and 58.3% of people aged 25-35 are fluent in a foreign language. These statistics promise position Bulgaria further up the list of preferred countries to open an office in.

Vast pool of multilingual talent

Bulgaria benefits from its talented and enthusiastic workforce. The country is a leading IT outsourcing and sourcing destination, servicing some of the biggest leaders in the world with software development. Bulgaria is being called the Silicon Valley of the Balkans and the digital engine of the region. 98% of the high school students study English or another foreign language and 73% study a second language (mainly German or French).

Stable and secure banking system

The largest European banks are represented in Bulgaria. The digital infrastructure offers perfect e-Banking facilities with multi currency accounts as part of the banking service. Bulgarian banks apply fast and easy procedures. In fact you can open your bank account in just a few hours. Don’t want to come to Bulgaria for setting up your bank account? We can help you set up your banking remotely.

Huge tax savings for entrepreneurs

After you set up your company in Bulgaria you become a Bulgarian tax payer. Setting up a separate Bulgarian entity or as part of a structure may dramatically decrease the domestic tax burdens of entrepreneurs while still remaining in full compliance with all regulations and restrictions. An LLC in Bulgaria can be used for trading or holding activities. Company incorporation only takes three working days in Bulgaria and the minimal share capital is €1. 

Less financial risk

Bulgaria is an EU member since 2007 and a NATO member since 2004. The country has the second lowest public debt in Europe and the Bulgarian lev has a currency board to the Euro. In its annual 2002 report, the European Commission assessed Bulgaria as a fully functional market economy, with a high degree of macroeconomic stability and working market mechanisms. This trend has been growing since then.

Location, location, location

Located in the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is on a strategic crossroads between Europe and Asia. Bordering with two of the EU members, Greece and Romania is beneficial for open borders trade, tourism and academic transfer and development. Turkey, bordering to the east provides many opportunities for trade with Asia. Bulgaria has 4 airports located in 4 major cities in the country. With more than 36 airlines servicing passenger and freight flights to more than 76 worldwide destinations directly.

Great business climate

Bulgaria has low business costs which makes the country one of the most preferred business locations in the world. Moreover it has cheap rental prices for business properties and low utility costs. The cost of electricity for example for industrial users is 70% of the European average.

Political and financial stability

Bulgaria is a democratic country with more than 28 years track record of open and free market. It is home to a diverse family of races, ethnicities and religious traditions. In 2018 we live and thrive together as one big society without any tension. Currently there are no issues with immigrants from any country.

Investment opportunities

Bulgaria applies a policy to attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors. At present, there are no general limits on foreign ownership or control of firms, nor is there screening or restricting of foreign investment in Bulgaria.

Fast and easy procedures

Bulgaria applies fewer rules and and restrictions compared to western European countries.

Ancient history and traditions meets western culture in a beautiful way

Bulgaria is a friendly, sunny place to live with a fabulous work/life balance. It has rich culture and history, beautiful scenery and its culture is somewhere in the middle, keeping itself close to the western society, as well as to its oriental origins. It is a great place to live and thrive and an exceptional place to do business in.

Low Costs of Life

For many IT professionals from the EU Bulgaria is a dream country to come to live and work. Young entrepreneurs from Western Europe chose to come and establish their businesses in Bulgaria because the income / quality of life ratio is far better than most of the EU members. For example one liter of gasoline is €1.06 and an office or an apartment in the downtown of Sofia costs between €5 and €12 per m2.


Very fast internet – 5th in the world after China. At the same time one of the cheapest in Europe. The price for a monthly internet subscription is about €9.50 (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data) At the same time the Average Download Speed in Bulgaria is 27.25 Mbps.

Sofia city

Sofia is among the digital leaders in Europe and is named one of the top 10 cities in the world to launch a startup.